Searle Freedom Trust

About the Trust

The Searle Freedom Trust was founded by Daniel C. Searle in 1998 to foster research and education on public policy issues that affect individual freedom and economic liberty. Through its grantmaking the foundation seeks to develop solutions to the country’s most important and challenging domestic policy issues.

Recognizing that good policymaking relies on the availability of high-quality research, the foundation invests primarily in scholarship that results in the publication of books, journal articles, and policy papers. Funding is typically provided in the form of research grants, fellowships, and other types of targeted project support.

The Searle Freedom Trust also provides funding for public interest litigation and supports outreach to the public through a variety of forums, including sponsorship of research conferences and seminars, film and journalism projects, and new media initiatives.

With the foundation’s assistance scholars investigate a wide range of issues, including:

· Tax and budget policy
· Cost-benefit analysis of regulatory practices and proposals
· The workings of the legal system
· Environmental policy
· Social welfare reform
· K-12 and higher education policy

The foundation’s board meets three times per year. See our application guidelines or contact us for more information about submitting a proposal for consideration.